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Financial Products and Service Complaints

Congruent seeks fair and reasonable compensation on behalf of its clients. We assist businesses who believe they have suffered financial loss by entering into financial products with their bank or other non-bank financial product provider / advisor e.g. an Interest Rate Hedging Product. ("IRHP") We also assist businesses that have suffered a loss as a result of a service provided by the bank e.g. businesses that have suffered loss through actions of banking "Business Support Units".

Our service has been designed to assist clients that are eligible for a consumer redress or voluntary scheme such as the FCA Interest Rate Hedging Product Review or RBS Global Restructuring Group Complaints Process or those that are not eligible e.g. those that are deemed "sophisticated" or where the products fall outside any consumer or voluntary redress scheme e.g. Fixed Rate Loans/Tailored Business Loan.

We can assist businesses that have been sold such products by determining the compensation owed including a claim for Consequential Losses (if applicable).

We also offer a consumer complaints service. The service is designed for individuals with a complaint relating to an investment, protection or retirement product. For more information, please visit www.myfinancialcomplaint.com.

General Terms and Conditions

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