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GRG Complaints Process - Our Service


Royal Bank of Scotland (the “Bank”) announced on 08 November 2016 a new complaints process (the “Review”) for eligible customers whose banking relationship was handled by RBS’s Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”) during the period 2008 ‐ 2013.

A complaint by a business about its treatment by GRG that seeks more than just the refund of “complex” fees will have to be specifically initiated by the customer. If the complaint is upheld by the Bank, they will pay “direct losses” incurred by the customer and invite the customer to submit a complaint for consequential losses. There is limited independent oversight in this review process ‐ limited to the determination of direct losses and there will be limited assistance or independent oversight for a consequential loss claim.

We believe customers will need professional assistance from industry practitioners and Congruent have therefore launched a new service to assist these customers.

Our Service

Our service consists of determining fair and reasonable compensation for our clients, and representation of our clients in seeking compensation from the Bank through the Review process or through an alternative process e.g. referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service or legal proceedings (if required). Where we are appointed after our client has received an offer of compensation our service will include advice on whether the offer should be accepted or not and, if not, advice on challenging the offer and on what alternative processes are available and what they might be able to achieve.
Our service will include:

  • the initial consideration of your complaint and providing you with an assessment of the risk in proceeding and our assessment of your chances of success
  • determination of what additional information is required and, if you do not have that information, advising you how to obtain it or requesting it on your behalf
  • advice on what is fair and reasonable compensation and advice as to whether the compensation should include further amounts such as consequential losses
  • advice on alternative processes that might be available to have the complaint resolved including associated risks, delays and costs
  • preparation and submission of your complaint to the Bank, or to any alternative dispute resolution process including the Financial Ombudsman Service, or by starting legal proceedings, putting forward arguments for fair and reasonable compensation on your behalf and management of your case on your behalf; in the event that your complaint against the Bank is referred to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme we will assist you in a similar manner
  • assistance in checking any calculations of compensation offered to you; if insufficient details are provided to enable checking we will assist you by preparing and submitting a request for explanation of the calculations or, if that fails, we will assist you by preparing and submitting alternative calculations so that the results can be compared

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About Us

Congruent is a financial risk advisory firm providing businesses and their professional advisors with specialist advisory and transaction services and also provides specialist independent expert witness services.

Founded on several decades of industry experience in banking, insurance and actuarial consulting - Congruent offers three main corporate services to its clients:

  • financial structuring and derivatives hedging
  • risk modelling and financial product valuation
  • financial products and services complaints

Congruent have a proven track record in assisting businesses recover compensation from banks over the last three years and have significant experience in consumer redress and voluntary bank review processes e.g. FCA IRHP Review.

This service is provided under Congruent's general terms and conditions of engagement for financial products & services complaints which is available from our website www.mycongruent.com under Services ‐ Financial Products and Services Complaints.


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