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Our Fees

Like most professional firms we are prepared to provide our services for fees calculated on an hourly rate based on the seniority of Congruent staff employed, plus disbursements. However, in most cases Congruent will ask a prospective client to provide sufficient information for Congruent to quote a fixed fee. A detailed Statement of Work ("SoW") will be issued for the client's approval. For assignments that naturally consist of two or more stages, or where later stages of the work are unclear at the outset, a fixed fee may be offered for each stage of the work, with a separate SoW for each stage.

For Financial Products and Services Complaints for Businesses and for Individuals, Congruent may be able to offer a contingent fee arrangement where the client pays Congruent an agreed percentage of the damages recovered. In order to be lawful the percentage must be determined on the specific facts of the case - to achieve this Congruent will request sufficient information to carry out a risk assessment (in more complex cases it will not be possible to reach this stage without an initial chargeable investigation).

VAT is added to invoices for all Congruent services (to meet legal requirements contingent fee arrangements will include VAT).


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