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What Our Clients Say

The following are a selection of testmonials and the typical feedback we receive from our clients. We always seek to understand our clients' objectives, values and interests, in relation to the matter in hand and provide our advice accordingly.

 Client What they say

Private Investor - Endowment Mortgage Mis-selling

"I approached Congruent in the hope that they could help me with a poorly performing Endowment policy I have had with a large UK Insurer. Congruent were very swift in amalgamating all the relevant documentation in order to assess the problem and to see if they could help. They initially ruled out the possibility of a “mis-selling” complaint but this did not stop them from digging deeper. Very soon they looked at how charges affecting the investment performance which resulted in an endowment shortfall and realized that the Insurer was overcharging in relation to units bought in an investment fund. Although we thought we had a justifiable complaint it was initially rejected by the Insurer and this position was also initially supported by the Financial Ombudsman Service. However, this did not deter Congruent and their persistence persuaded the FOS to look again at the matter in more detail. This in turn appeared to “push” the Insurer to reconsider their position and after some intense negotiations they made a significant compensation payment.

The whole process took over 18 months to conclude and if it wasn’t for the tenacity and persistence, coupled with their expert investment knowledge of the industry, I’m sure I wouldn’t have received any compensation.

Congruent are a very professional, highly knowledgeable and yet very friendly and helpful company, which I would recommend to anyone with a similar problem to mine."

SME - IRHP Mis-selling

"We were very dissatisfied when our bank agreed they had mis-sold us an interest rate hedging product but reduced the compensation by about 90% because they said we would have bought a different, only slightly cheaper, alternative product. We found Congruent through a web search (after another claims management company let us down badly) and they took up the matter immediately with the bank the Financial Ombudsman Service ("FOS"). At first FOS said that they needed to add together our property holding company and our trading company and that put us above their limit. Congruent argued that point for us and FOS changed its mind and recommended that the bank tear up the interest rate hedging product and give us a full refund. Congruent have been retained to assist us with other financial structuring matters."



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