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Financial disputes

Financial complaint resolution expertise

Congruent seeks fair and reasonable compensation on behalf of its clients. We assist businesses who believe they have suffered financial loss by entering into financial products with their bank or other non-bank financial product provider / advisor.

Our service has been designed to assist clients that are eligible for a consumer redress or voluntary schemes or those that are not eligible e.g. those that are deemed “sophisticated” or where the products fall outside any consumer or voluntary redress scheme. If eligible we can progress the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if the complaint is not settled at the earlier stage. We are also able to provide the client the necessary support if he is minded to settle the dispute through litigation by offering our Expert Witness service. We can assist businesses that have been sold such products by determining the compensation owed including a claim for Consequential Losses (if applicable).

Businesses can pursue a claim directly and refer a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (subject to eligibility). Alternatively, they can use a specialist claims management company, such as Congruent, who understand the complexities surrounding financial product and services complaints – a ‘no win, no fee’ option may also be available following an assessment of the case. Termination fees may apply depending on your circumstances and your contractual arrangement with us.

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