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Financial Risk Services

Hedging Advice

Businesses don't always have access to the level of insight, information, and expertise that could be instrumental in determining whether advice on a financial product is suitable for their business objectives. Therefore, they may need impartial expert advice.

We provide clients with a wide range of risk management strategies that can be tailored to their specific needs without any conflict of interest or bias to a particular product or product provider. Our transaction experience will ensure that you get the most suitable product at the optimal price with the required transparency from the chosen product provider.

Our service is aimed at business clients that have exposure to foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity price or inflation rate risks. Congruent will quantify these risks which will assist your decision-making processes to mitigate them. Where hedging is necessary we will determine the optimal hedging solution.

We are regulated by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in respect of a range of investment business activities - FCA Register for exempt professional firms - reference number IoA120.

Valuation and Risk Services

We employ actuaries and other financial risk management experts to assist in the modelling of financial risks. We adopt industry standard pricing and risk methodologies using benchmark tools to assist clients in their decision making.

As financial experts, we also provide independent and confidential financial product valuation services to business clients (and their professional advisors) to satisfy statutory, accounting an regulatory requirements or for internal risk management purposes. Congruent has developed pricing and risk frameworks to handle both vanilla and complex financial product asset classes.

We offer a tailor-made service for businesses that use derivatives for hedging providing them with the following assistance:

  • The independent valuation of your derivative contract.
  • The market risk analysis of the contract using risk factor, scenario or simulation analysis (or a combination if required).
  • The counterparty risk analysis of the derivative contract.
  • The quantitative assessment of the hedge performance of the derivative either for internal risk management purposes or to satisfy other external requirements.

The above analysis can be performed on a standalone basis i.e. single contract or as part of a larger derivative portfolio.

For business customers that use vanilla interest rates derivatives we have developed a mark to market valuation service - see our Congruent Calculations™ service for more information.

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Financial Risk - Derivative Valuation and Risk Modelling







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