Congruent Calculations™ – DC pensions

Congruent have released, to existing subscribers, a new module that is part of the Congruent Calculations™ platform. 

The DC pension calculator determines the Notional Fund value as per FCA DISP App 4.2.7.G when the DC pension fund has received contributions and other transfers not related to the relevant transfer and where there have been withdrawals. 

The calculator provides the subscriber with the following output: 

  1. Notional Fund values for the relevant transfer 
  2. Calibrated statistics based on a benchmark index selected by the subscriber from a range provided e.g. FTSE Indices, including relative returns, total returns and market volatility measures 
  3. Breakdown of transfer, withdrawals and contributions including the split between taxable and non-taxable withdrawals 

Non-subscribers can also access the above output reports by using our bespoke redress calculation services.  Please contact Congruent for more information.